Work with Me

Work with me

doTERRA was established in 2008 and within three years it had become the largest essential oil company in the world.
Now, it is credited as one of the fastest growing companies in history.
If you have a passion for essential oils and would like to join my team then please don't hesitate to get in touch!
You will be part of an enthusiastic and thriving team and have access to business support, training and mentoring, and to some of the biggest names in doTERRA.

Join My Team

Being a Sharer of essential oils

Being a sharer of essential oils is not a difficult feat. The oils are so effective and life changing that I would personally challenge you NOT to want to share them.
 The philosophy behind being a Sharer is that you would be helping to promote wellness through using essential oils and this is simply done by holding educational classes or workshops in your home or similar personal venue.
 If you are already a professional therapeutic practitioner you can share the oils in your practice with clients. 

Being a doTERRA Business Builder

This is a fabulous opportunity to not only hold your own educational workshops and classes but you will be training and providing mentoring of new Wellness Advocates. 
The flexibility of this business means that it works well so that you can achieve the best work life balance that you require. You can input as many hours as you would like, around your present lifestyle. 
Being a Business Builder provides you with the opportunity of not only supplementing your income but also completely replacing it!

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